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If you have suffered the tragedy of losing a loved one in an accident or as a result of a medical mistake, we offer our deepest condolences. No one should be forced to endure the loss of a loved one due to the carelessness or negligence of another. No words or no amount of money can replace the loss of a loved one. However, it is important to see that justice done. While the loss of a loved one can have criminal ramifications, if someone or some company were negligent it can also have civil implications. Since our civil justice system can only compensate with money both to compensate the family and deter the wrongdoer, it is important to understand that you and your family may be entitled to compensation. Consulting with an experienced wrongful death attorney can help you recover maximum damages that were lost. The companionship and love of a lost loved one, economic compensation for future income that is forever lost and more.

If another person or a large corporation is to blame for your loved one’s death, your family may be entitled to a financial recovery for the financial and emotional tolls you incur as a result of your loss. The costs of losing a loved one unexpectedly can be substantial; and, from your loved one’s medical expenses to your own pain and suffering, if you are entitled to compensation, it is important to understand the compensation that is available to you.

The DOUGHERTY LAW FIRM is experienced in fighting for families who have lost loved ones. We understand what grieving families are going through, and we do our best to help you through this difficult time. While it is important that you remain up-to-date and make informed decisions throughout your case, we also understand that you need time to grieve, and we will make sure that your case plays as minimal of a role in your life as possible.


Each state sets its own set of rules with respect to who can claim and receive damages from a wrongful death. For this reason, it is critical you speak with an experienced wrongful death lawyer to see who the beneficiaries are.

Again, each state differs on what damages can be compensated in wrongful death and survival actions. For this reason, it is important to discuss the facts with an experienced wrongful death attorney. Both wrongful death and survival actions are strictly governed by state law.

Wrongful death laws allow the estate to bring a lawsuit and be compensated damages for the beneficiaries of the deceased.

Survival action laws allow the estate to be awarded damages that the deceased could have recovered if they recovered.

So a wrongful death claim focuses on the suffering of the family of the deceased and the survival action focuses on the suffering of the deceased person rather than the grief and financial losses of the family.

We look at:

  • Damages your deceased loved one was entitled to for his or her personal injury claim
  • Medical bills and expenses of treating the personal injury
  • Wages your loved one would have earned
  • Lost benefits, such as health insurance, Social Security or veterans’ benefits
  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Lost companionship, friendship, support, guidance, advice, love and affection
  • Loss of services, including childcare, accounting, housekeeping, landscaping and security
  • Your pain and suffering over your loss
  • Your lost wages as you cared for your loved one and grieved


We are truly saddened when an untimely death leaves a young child without a mother or a father. Although money can never replace the loss of a parent, these children deserve the financial security their parents would have provided. The DOUGHERTY LAW FIRM takes serious their role in advocating for children who have suffered from the loss of a parent. We take our role as the wrongful death attorney in these and other cases very seriously. We do all we can to ensure the damages are paid in a manner that offers protection, sometimes by establishing legal protections for recoveries of minor children. In addition, all recoveries for children need approval from the Court.


There is no greater tragedy than the loss of a child. When the loss is the result of a preventable negligent or bad acts of another, the grief from such a senseless loss to the family is indescribable.

When courts attempt to determine what damages can be paid to the parents and other survivors of a young child whose life was ended, they look at a number of different factors, including:

Costs of the medical expenses the child incurred before death

Loss of love and companionship of their child

Grief and mental anguish the parents experience

The cost of mental health services to help the whole family cope with this extreme type of loss


Wrongful death lawsuits can be filed in a variety of situations that caused the death of a loved one, including motor vehicle and other types of accidents, medical malpractice, nursing home or assisted living neglect, or use of products with manufacturing defects. An experienced wrongful death attorney can also file a lawsuit if a loved one was a victim of a vehicular homicide, murder or other criminal act that lead to death was foreseeable.


A wrongful death lawsuit cannot erase the pain and sorrow of losing a loved one. However, finding justice in court and knowing that the bad actors or companies involved will not repeat their conduct in the future allows the family to know that your loved one’s needless death was not in vain. The damages recovered in a wrongful death lawsuit can also help your family meet the financial challenges that may arise as a result of the fatal accident.

Regardless of what happened or who you think may have been to blame, if you have lost a loved one unexpectedly, we encourage you to contact an experienced wrongful death attorney to  discuss the facts of your specific situation as soon as possible so you do not lose your rights to damages.

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